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Understanding the Word of God in Daniel 12

The book of Daniel chapter 12 speaks about the end times. When the Son of God will return to the world. However, before the messiah returns, then God will let Michael the archangel to rise to protect his people. This time will be a time of trouble. Anguish will be delivered to the nations, and people will feel pain. Being a believer, you have to be prepared for the troubled times, and therefore, you have to live a life without sins. It helps to prepare for the end times and ensure that you will be among the written in the book of life.

When the tough times spread all over the world, you want to be protected by Michael. However, your name has to be written in the book of life. Therefore, living a holy life will help your name to be among the written names. This will ensure that during the time of trouble, you will be protected from pain, and you will wait for the dead to be raised to live in heaven.

The time of trouble is well explained in revelation. Hunger, famine, and illnesses that will take turmoil in people’s lives will happen when this time of trouble comes. The Word of God says that when the Messiah returns, He will take the righteous with Him to save them from encountering and experiencing the trouble times. No one knows the exact time when the Messiah will come. Daniel was told to close the seal to hide it from the people of nations. This ensures that people live a righteous life since they do not know the day, no the hour Jesus will return to take his flock. If you fail to live a righteous life and Jesus returns today, then you will be left behind, and you will never be protected from the troubled times. It is good to hide in the Lord, and you are guaranteed that when the time of trouble comes, you will be with Jesus in heaven waiting for the trouble times to end and live forever with God.

Some people are wasting time running from one place to another in the search of the specific time after Daniel closed the seal. No one will ever know the specific time, and it says that the wise will shine the brightest stars in heaven. You should seek wisdom instead of rushing from one place to another like the people living in worldly pleasures. Once you seek wisdom, you will find it just like Matthew 7 says that seek, and you will find. This will help you live a righteous life waiting for Jesus to return and Michael to rise for you to go to heaven.

You should take time and read revelation for you to know which kind of trouble the end times entail. It will give you a chance to determine which side you want to be on when that time comes, whether you need to be on God’s side, or satan’s side.

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