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Five Step Guide to Making Chilli Sauce
Chilling is a popular technique among food lovers. A good way to make a dish “chill” is to add the chilli pepper, garlic or onion, to the food before it is placed under medium heat. The purpose is to produce an interior temperature that is lower than the exterior temperatures. This technique prevents the food from being overcooked, since the intense flavors have not reached the exterior yet. There are different methods for making the chilli sauce. Here are some of them:

First, choose the kind of chili that you want to use. The most popular chilli sauce types include the Serrano and the Anaheim sauces. These two brands usually come bottled and are available in the supermarkets, as well as grocery stores and markets where refrigerators and freezers are found. These brands may also be bought online. Put the bottle on a sauce dish and then add the ingredients.

Second, remove all the ingredients from the refrigerator so that you can start making the sauce. Put all the ingredients, except for the sugar and salt, in the food processor. Put the food processor’s blades on low speed. When the ingredients are blended well, you should notice a slight reduction in the size of the chunks. Put this back in the fridge and let it chill.

Third, after putting the prepared sauce into the food processor and chopping the onions, garlic and tomatoes into small pieces, pour the prepared marinade (garlic vinegar, onion powder, tomato sauce, etc.) into a clean jar. Now all you have to do is pour this marinade over the chilli pepper and wait for the marinade to set for at least half an hour. Once it does, open the jar and strain the marinade. Then you can put the sugar into the food processor and blend it into the sauce.

Fourth, you can add the sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Then, spoon the cooled prepared dipping sauce into your serving glasses. You can either make your own homemade dipping sauce or buy ready-made ones in the market. This will add a taste that your guests won’t find elsewhere.

Fifth, garnish your serving glasses with coriander leaves. Place the chilled chilli sauce in a large glass with a slice of lime peel. This will give it a unique look and add freshness to your drink. This method of preparation is quick, easy and can be done by anyone. Your family and friends will be impressed with your well-thought-of recipe.

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